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Free genealogy sites and free family trees can go along way to helping you finally piece together your family tree. With family tree forms and genealogy forms you can find the missing pieces in your family tree. You can search for family tree for free or pay to gain access to larger databases. Both types can be found below.
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SurnameWeb: Search the Database of Surnames and see if you're name is listed, find others doing research on a particular name, and engage in the surname forums.
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Search for Ancestors : Search over 600 million names.
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AncestralFindings.Com: Good Guide to genealogy resources online.
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You can find all the top Genealogy Searches below: - Research your ancestry and family history at the web's most popular genealogy site. Resources for beginners and experts with family history software, classes and genealogy databases.

Genealogy Gateway - Genealogy Gateway is your portal for family tree, surname, ancestry, and genealogy information - Visit to discover and preserve your family's unique story. Buy Family Tree Maker, the #1 selling family history software. Access online data collections and CDs for vital historical records to fill the gap in your family tree research.

GenServ - A collection point for Family History GEDCOM datafiles. Over 22.4 million+ individuals and data on-line in 15,800+ different databases. Two months FREE access for your data. On-Line Internet since 1991.

GenSource - GenSource - the Genealogy only web directory for genealogists

NameBase - NameBase is a proper name index only -- it contains names of individuals, groups, and corporations, but no subject categories.

SurnameWeb - The Genealogy Web Project of surname resource centers, and personal genealogy pages on the web. With a searchable Registry, it is now one of the largest and most unique listing of genealogy home pages on the web! Submit your genealogy home page today!
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